Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I get excited when new shows start, maybe it's cause around this time of year I am ready to move away from reality t.v. Don't get me wrong I love me some reality tv. I was just ready for something new. So I checked out the new show Justified starring Timothy Olyphant. First off anything with that man in it I will watch.  Second it was actually a pretty good show with cowboy hats, guns and action. Not as action packed as I would like but still it had some. The main character was created by crime novelist Elmore Leonard . I am not gonna try to explain it to you lol. I am pretty bad at that. I will however give you the links to the website where you can watch clips and I think the full episode from last night. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I stumbled upon these

I came across these this morning and had to share. They are so cute and remind me of luggage my mom still has. Check them out. 

What cute makeup cases these would make. 

You can get them here ------->

It is who I am

I have a few secrets to tell you...

I have a major crush on Scott MacIntyre <---- so cute
I will drink the juice out of a pickle jar <---- so good
I talk to myself ALL the time <---- I'm a nerd
I sleep in my Jacob shirt every chance I get <--- yep you heard me right
I snore <--- sigh
I burp alot
I gossip like its going out of style <--- then feel bad right after
I'm afraid I will never finish school 
I am a tad bit OCD - I lock my door 3 times before walking away from it. 
I worry ALL the time
I use to hate it when people touched me (I didn't even like hugs) <-- I LOVE them now
I wish I had a grandpa <--Never had one 
I wish I could have told my Uncle John that he is the reason I draw
I love completely
I cry often <---not a bad thing
I suck at math
I'm pretty good at solving things
I use to dance all the time,but haven't in a little over a decade 
I am afraid of big dogs
I do not wear earrings
I will sit here and watch Buffy every chance I get
I smile often and dream always