Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It is who I am

I have a few secrets to tell you...

I have a major crush on Scott MacIntyre <---- so cute
I will drink the juice out of a pickle jar <---- so good
I talk to myself ALL the time <---- I'm a nerd
I sleep in my Jacob shirt every chance I get <--- yep you heard me right
I snore <--- sigh
I burp alot
I gossip like its going out of style <--- then feel bad right after
I'm afraid I will never finish school 
I am a tad bit OCD - I lock my door 3 times before walking away from it. 
I worry ALL the time
I use to hate it when people touched me (I didn't even like hugs) <-- I LOVE them now
I wish I had a grandpa <--Never had one 
I wish I could have told my Uncle John that he is the reason I draw
I love completely
I cry often <---not a bad thing
I suck at math
I'm pretty good at solving things
I use to dance all the time,but haven't in a little over a decade 
I am afraid of big dogs
I do not wear earrings
I will sit here and watch Buffy every chance I get
I smile often and dream always

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